We focus on high-quality, safe, and reliable care to ensure that parents and their son have a good experience. Over 60,000 circumcisions have been performed using our technique over the last three decades around the world.

For full detail on the Pollock Technique™ circumcision method that will be applied in your son’s circumcision please visit the Our Method page.

For information on what to expect during and after a baby circumcision please see below.

Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland was founded by Dr David Hunt who is known in Queensland as a general practitioner as well as for baby circumcision.

Our medical team has been carefully trained by Pollock Technique™ originator, Dr Neil Pollock, and we are proud to use the Pollock Technique™ in providing safe and simple access to infant circumcision in Queensland.

Our doctor and staff will support you after the circumcision surgery and you will be provided direct access to Dr Hunt for any questions or concerns or just to have him keep an eye on things during the healing phase.

You will be provided with in-depth aftercare instructions and our team will follow up with you to ensure your son is his happy little self after his procedure.

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